We cultivate

In our fields in Sicily we sowed the grains in an evolutionary mixture by blending 4 different types of old grains.

This type of cultivation favors biodiversity as wheat adapts to the environment in which it lives and takes on a peculiar rusticity. This allows it to live well in “such” soil, with “such” climate and with “such” grains with which it is bound.


We make our pasta every day and we bronze die it.

Bronze drawing pasta means proceeding with additional delicacy compared to normal pasta, taking care of some stages of production by hand in order to obtain a rough and porous surface that collects and enhances all the flavors of the sauces.

We grind

The wheat harvested and bagged is sent regularly to Milan to the Fabbrica del Grano. The semolina production process takes time and is quite laborious.

The wheat is stone-ground in our mill and tumbled to separate the different grain sizes we use for pasta and bread. In this way, we protect the grain from any contact with polluting substances that may come from other milling operations.

The semolina, used immediately after milling or no later than 2 days, retains the aroma and flavour of the wheat.

Our flour is rich in wheat germ oil because stone milling maintains its integrity; It is also rich in bran, a fibre coating near the germ, a necessary food for certain bacterial families of our “microbiota”.

We Cook

We bring to your dishes all those precious molecules contained in our ancient grains with the simplicity with which nature itself generates them.

Our menu is a journey that ranges between traditional flavors starting from the true Roman and Sicilian sauces, going through the refined seafood dishes made with very fresh fish and shellfish to finally arrive at the innovation of colorful dishes. 

The tagliolini with vegetable charcoal or spirulina, the pappardelle with saffron or spinach, the gnocchetti with coffee, are skilfully elaborated with surprising recipes as a the result of the imagination of our chef and founding partner Dr. Giuseppe.

Furthermore, appetizing “Sfizi” accompany the pasta tasting and the experience ends with artisanal desserts.

Our specialty? Let you eat delicious plates without regrets. With us, the wellbeing is home!

What they have never met

Ancient Sicilian grains are always a good idea

“The food theory is of great ethical and political importance. Foods are transformed into blood, blood into heart and brain; in matters of thoughts and feelings. Human food is the foundation of culture and sentiment. If you want to improve the people, instead of declamations against sin, give them better food. Man is what he eats.”

Ludwig Feuerbach

1. No genetic modifications

2. Height of ears 180 cm (VS 40 cm modern grains)

3. Extended roots capable of drawing more nutrients from the soil (20% more mineral salts and antioxidants)

4. Rich in wheat germ thanks to stone milling

5. Light and digestible (gluten that man has always digested)

6. Respectful of biodiversity and the ecosystem

7. Free of fertilizers and pesticides


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What have they never met




100% Bio


100% Natural